What if you could 
cut your workload in half and 3x your company's efficiency?
Yes, this is possible for you. Here's how.

Let Me Guess...

You’re seen as ‘successful’ by all conventional measures...

And you built this business that grew more than you could have ever imagined.

You did good.

And because of it, your friends, family, and peers probably come to you all the time how proud they are. 

How impressive and inspiring you've become. How they wish they could do it too.

On the surface, you have it all figured out. You're the successful one.

...But below the surface, you and I both know that how you run your business is, well, a hot mess.


There's a good chance that your company grew in size and complexity but your infrastructure didn’t grow with it. 

And because of it, you know you’re leaving money on the table on a monthly basis, but you don't have the clarity and insight to do anything about it. 

Without control over your cash flow, client base, team members and overall infrastructure, it can feel like the ground is crumbling beneath you.

Sound familiar? Keep reading.

Let's address the elephant 
in the room, shall we?
You’re swamped in seemingly never-ending projects

You’re putting out fires left and right, constantly in catch-up mode. 

You're trying not to drown but feeling like you're losing more control each day.

You want to be a calm, confident and successful leader in your company. 

You want to grow in a sustainable, organized, and predictable way. 

You’re ready for consistency and control so that you can finally scale effectively.

So, the question is...why has all of this happened? 
You're missing three core elements that 65% of business owners don't have:
It’s time to ditch the overwhelm and to step into the seamless. 
So if you're ready to finally step up as a leader and gain real control of your company's growth, here's the game plan.
With Just a few tweaks to your company’s infrastructure, improved systems and empowered team members, we create:
You could grow your business by at least 30% in the next 3 months without putting in any extra hours. 
Strategically map out your quarter so that you will spend a fraction of what you currently do on team members.
Finally sleep like a baby again trusting that your company runs smoothly and is not going up in flames any time soon.
"Wow, this sounds like exactly what I need... BUT it sounds like it will take up a ton of time (which I already don't have) and take my attention away from more urgent tasks." - Your thoughts right now (did I catch you?)
Let me give you a newsflash...
Here's what you Really don't have time for...
 Spending Half Of Your Day Fixing Problems Caused By An Undertrained, Unorganized Team
 Losing 25% Of Your Potential Sales Due To Trivial Mistakes In Your Messaging, Funnels And Marketing Assets
And you know what you especially don't have time for?
 Trudging Through Each Day Knowing That This Whole Cycle Of Problem, Reaction, Exhaustion, Catch-Up, Frustration And Daily Nitty Gritty Is Going To Lead To Worse Than Burn-Out: 
It’s Going To Eventually Cost You Your Company
So when you say you can't afford to give the time to building a solid, seamless and scalable foundation that will quickly enable massive growth...

The real question is: Can you afford to keep going as you currently are?
it's time to transform your business with
Streamline Your Success:
The Hands-On Consulting Experience with Business Growth Expert, Jenny Watzka
What We Will Focus On: 
Implement Clear Systems And Automated Workflows
Creating a solid infrastructure for your company to enable faster, more productive growth. Over 80% of the processes you currently spend time on can be built to run on autopilot, saving you hours each week to focus on real money-making tasks.
Transform You Into An Effective, Organized Leader
Equipping you with all the tools and structures needed to always have clarity and confidence about all relevant KPIs in your business. Making sure you are the best leader for your team, the efficient decision maker and visionary of your company.
Empower Your Team To Skyrocket Efficiency & Performance
Delegating and setting up a high-performing team is essential. By empowering this team the right way, you can sleep soundly at night knowing that your employees are working at full capacity with the care and dedication you have yourself.
Six-figure+  business owners (online & offline)...
  •  Who grew so fast that you couldn't keep up with building out the proper systems & structures to compliment the complexity of your growth
  •  Who are done working on all of the nitty gritty daily tasks but want to take charge as the leader they are and learn how to delegate effectively
  •  Who know that for the next level of success (& their peace of mind!) they need to streamline their business' growth, get automated workflows in place and structure their team in a time-efficient & joyful way

Jenny Watzka is the CEO & decision maker behind 'Streamline to Success'Previously working at KPMG for 3+ years, one of the biggest consulting companies, she helped hundreds of businesses with their IPOs or mergers, consulting on the next strategic move or advising startups on starting and growing their new business ventures smoothly.

After the sudden death of her father she quit corporate and immediately started her own consulting firm to help business owners like you grow effectively. 

Jenny is originally from Germany, after spending 5 years abroad for her bachelor & master's degree she is now traveling full time, working from the most beautiful places the world has to offer!
What Past Clients Are Saying
Jeanine, founder of Effektvoll & keynote speaker

'It was amazing to work with Jenny, she is the best strategist! Before working with her I was lost and unfocused with 1000 things to do in my business that I didn’t follow through. She came in with the grand plan in mind, breaking it down into small steps to keep my overwhelm low, always there to give me direction & kicking me in the butt. I know that my business would not be where it is now if it wasn't for Jenny. I can recommend working with her 100%!'
Chau, founder of Fresh, Brand & Marketing Agency

'Working with Jenny was mind-blowing. She is such a powerhouse in anything she does and brings so much energy and knowledge to the table. She came up with the big plan, had the workflows and techniques in place to completely transform my branding business to set me up for longterm success. Her sincerity, energy and wisdom… I cannot thank you enough, Jenny!'
Zaza, psychologist & women empowerment advocate

'After only a short time I moved my business forward more than I could’ve ever imagined to be possible. Now I have a vision, tools, motivation and someone to consult with and rely on! It’s priceless for me to have her on my team. From the first moment I spoke with her I knew that she’s the only mentor I want to work with and my results are confirming that I made the right choice!'
YOU will make more money, feel less overwhelm and have more fun in your business by ...
 Implementing 360 degrees (automated) systems across your company 
Creating new workflows, routines and redefining responsibilities within your company
 Taking pressure off you by empowering your team with individual KPIs and decision making
So that you can focus on the tasks of a true CEO - steering your company, setting it up for future growth & serving your clients to the best standards!
Rebekah, Founder of OBM Agency

’Y’all… talk with Jenny. It should be non-negotiable! My mind is blown. She’s human and down to earth and ain’t afraid to tell you it like it is. And we ALL need to hear what she has to say. If you haven’t yet connected with her, and if you’re looking for a coach/strategist/kick-in-the-pants person, reach out to her. She’s amazing!’
Nicolle, Business Strategist

’Within our first call Jenny took me from unsure, overwhelmed and directionless to realizing that I AM capable, that I DO have what it takes and I CAN achieve my goals and actually knowing where to go & what to focus on. Her high vibe energy is contagious, a true go getter who, truly wants to bring out the best CEO in everyone she speaks to.’
Sabrina, Manifestation Coach

’I highly recommend working with Jenny, she truly is a jewel in this industry. Not only is she excellent at what she does but very real, full of integrity and with a big heart. Jenny has allowed me to come that far and helped me to remain laser focused on this journey. Thank you Jenny, I will always be grateful for what you have helped me achieve!’
What's the structure of 'Streamline to Success' like?
Perfect news: Implementing these new systems that will completely transform your business won't take 12 to 24 months, as it normally does to make changes like this. We will be there in 3 months! I want you to see improvements your company's operations ASAP. That's why it's a short but intensive program. In this time we will have weekly calls (with you & individual team members), focusing on one core growth area per week. Additionally you can book up to 2 "quick 30 minute fix" calls with me every week. The structure and individual strategies are fully customized to your needs and your business.
What time commitment is expected of me? 
There will be some implementation work required for you and your team. But remember that we are done sacrificing the long-term for the short-term, right? No more focusing on the nitty gritty but getting things in place ONE TIME to have a fully operating foundation to come back to EVERY single day. Are you with me? 

Giving you an estimate of hours per week required is challenging as it highly depends on how far you are when it comes to systems and workflows as well as the complexity of your company and the team you already have (or not have). I would say at least 8 hours per week is realistic. I will promise you that afterward, you will be 1000% happy that you put in the work because you will be saving so much time (& overwhelm!) every following week to come.
Will YOU implement the systems & changes?
 We will look at and discuss all areas of your business to determine what needs to be implemented for success. Together with your team and I, we will create new workflows and standard operating procedures. I will come up with all solutions with regards to systems and automation and am happy to walk you through the changes. For the more 'standard' things that all of my clients need to implement, I will have pre-recorded videos with easy to follow instructions for you. If you have more specific questions around what this looks like, just ask!
I'm not sure whether I am the right fit ... 
The best way to find out if this is right for your business is to discuss it with me personally. On a 100% complimentary call, we will identify where you currently are at in your business, what's working and not working, and I will tell you whether and how I can help you get to where you really want to be! If I don't think that you're a good fit, I'm always happy to point you in the right direction. 

Book your complimentary call HERE
What's the investment?
Again, this depends on the work required for you and your team. On average our clients pay $9,000 for this life-changing program. There are payment plans available upon request. 
I have more questions
Sure! Go ahead and send us an email at hello@jennywatzka.com 
 & we will reply ASAP!
Ditch the overwhelm. Get clear & execute.